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The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory:

  • Serves as a central resource for Alberta HCAs to get information, news and updates
  • Confirms that HCAs working in Alberta have successfully attained the core competencies necessary to provide safe, proficient care for patients and clients
  • Educates employers, educators, stakeholders and Albertans about HCAs’ role in healthcare
  • Acts as a database to collect information on HCA employment necessary for workforce planning
  • Aligns with the Government of Alberta’s commitment to having a competent and valued Health Care Aide workforce that provides care to Albertans
  • Supports healthy workforce planning in Alberta, including planning for current and future educational needs and spaces for Alberta HCAs

HCA Student Directory Enrolment

  • HCA students will be able to enrol in the Alberta HCA Directory once they are enroled in a recognized Alberta educational institution 
  • The Directory will work with educators to facilitate enrolment of HCAs students and graduates. For more information please contact the HCA Directory email
  • Only Health Care Aides will have the ability to enrol themselves, another person will not be able to enrol a Health Care Aide
  • Graduates will be required to provide proof of course completion directly from their post-secondary institution
  • If a HCA is currently enroled in an Alberta Health Care program and is employed within the province of Alberta in an HCA role, they are able to apply to the directory and have their employer verify that they are currently enroled in school. A copy of their transcript must be provided to the Directory from the institution upon completion

DOWNLOAD HCA Transcript Request Form

General Information for helping HCAs enrol in Alberta Health Care Aide Directory can be found in the Toolkit and Videos below.

For more information on how to verify HCAs, search HCAs, and request a supervisor account, see Employer Access to the Directory.

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