Alberta Nursing Students Requirements

Alberta nursing students that are seeking employment in Alberta as HCAs must:

Alberta Nursing Student requirements:

  • It is the responsibility of the nursing student to ensure that their unofficial transcripts reflect the educational requirements outlined in the Alberta HCA Substantial Equivalence Assessment Policies.
  • The status for these nursing students will be “Sub. Eq – In Progress.”
  • Employers will be able to verify through the employer portal the nursing students’ enrollment on the Directory when the student nurse completes their application and submits a copy of their transcript.
  • Nursing students will only receive approval as Substantially Equivalent once unofficial transcripts have been received to and verified for approval.
  • For the duration of this provision, Alberta nursing students will not be required to pay the Substantial Equivalence Assessment fee.

Extension to Interim Substantial Equivalence Policies 

  • Alberta Nursing students applying for the Substantial Equivalent status on the Directory are not required to complete the formal substantial equivalent assessment and pay the assessment fee.
  • This policy will be in place until regulation of Health Care Aides comes into effect or until the Continuing Care Health Service Standards is updated.

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