Provincial Exam Access

Candidates must enrol on the Alberta HCA Directory to receive access to the Provincial Exam. After successful enrolment, candidates will receive an email from the Directory with instructions on how to pay and book their Provincial Exam attempts.

Candidates should note the following:

  • Exams can be booked within 24 hours and can be written at any time with no accommodation request.
    • If accommodations are needed, candidates are required to review and comply with the accomomdations process outlined.
  • The exam booking system utilizes a 24-hour clock.
  • Candidates experiencing issues with booking their exam must contact ProctorU directly.

Candidate Handbook

  • Candidates (students) must read the candidate handbook prior to writing their Provincial HCA Examination.

Equipment Requirements

Candidates are responsible for reviewing and ensuring they meet the computer, equipment, browser, and internet connection requirements outlined in the candidate handbook and on the ProctorU website. For more information on these requirements, please review the following:

Resources and Requirements webpage


If you have questions about Provincial Exam registration, eligibility, and other general topics:

Resources for taking a Virtual Exam

How to book the Provincial Exam

Online Proctored Exam Contact

What to expect on exam day?

Candidates are encouraged to review the following video to better understand the live proctoring process, what to expect, and how to be prepared for exam day.

Post-Secondary Institution (PSI)

Post-secondary institutions are required to provide students with access and time during regularly scheduled classes to complete this step. For more information on how to enrol on the Directory, please review the How to Apply webpage.

  • For students (candidates) to receive access from the Directory, each PSI must communicate the eligibility of its students using the PSI Candidate spreadsheet.
  • 2019 Curriculum HCA students currently enrolled in the provincial HCA 2019 curriculum are not required to provide the Directory with transcripts to be granted access to the Provincial HCA Exam.
  • PSIs can contact the Directory at to request an orientation for the Provincial HCA Exam process.
  • PSIs can contact the Directory at to request the PSI Candidate Spreadsheet from the Directory at for student access to the Provincial HCA Exam.