Stakeholders and Committees

Alberta Health is partnering with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) to fill the need for an Alberta Health Care Aide Directory that supports a provincial, HCA-driven approach. The Directory is funded by a grant from Alberta Health.


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What is CLPNA’s role with the Directory?

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses (CLPNA) is the owner of the Directory. Alberta Health is partnering with the CLPNA who is leading the project, engaging key stakeholders and developing and administering the Directory. CLPNA will manage all requests for information from HCAs and employers and will provide support as required.

Alberta Health partnered with the CLPNA to establish the Directory because:

  • The CLPNA has a long history of working collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders, including government and employers.
  • The CLPNA understands the HCA competencies and role, and has a strong track record of smooth enrolment and registration processes for its own members.
  • CLPNA members (LPNs) also work closely with Health Care Aides.   

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee, chaired by CLPNA, is the decision-making body directing the development of the Directory and its policies and procedures.  The Steering Committee consists of representatives from CLPNA, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health.